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Shady Gardens

Many people believe that having a shady garden doesn’t allow them to have the same colour and texture as a sun-loving space. We can’t deny that a shady border will be naturally dark but that doesn’t mean it has to be gloomy or cold. Fill your shady garden with bright colours by incorporating red, purple, white, lilac and a variety of green into your beds, borders and containers.

Take advantage of your shady garden by planting things those with sunny gardens can not. Some plants will grow just as well in the shade while others actually prefer it. Shady areas need to be carefully planned and thought out, but if you get the design right, your garden could be a fantastic success. Consider the options below when designing your shady garden.

  • Try to reduce shade a little if possible. Cut back any over grown trees or hedges to let the light flow through.
  • Brighter is better, but this doesn’t mean you have to go for a sea of colours. The pastel pink and white shades of Hellebore Double Ellen mixed with the delicate pink of Clematis Utopia should bring out the light in your garden.
  • Use texture to add architectural elegance to your garden. The more contrasting textures you incorporate the more full and luscious your garden will look. Cordylines, Hostas and Ferns are all structural plants with a range of textures so watch them flourish in your shady space. 
  • When planting remember to pay attention to detail, repeating colour combinations will unify space and create a sense of movement throughout your garden.
  • Don’t be scared to add colour elsewhere. Paint the surrounding walls, fences and sheds with a pale pastel colour that will bring out the best in your plants. Or alternatively create a ‘feature wall’ in your garden by painting it with a bright colour like purple or terracotta. This will be an eye catching back drop.
  • Create extra light using reflections, either mirrors or water. Water will add light and movement to your shady garden. During the day your water feature will reflect the blue sky and adding lights will make sure it shines even more during the evenings. For maximum impact add pale pebbles to the bottom of your water feature.
  • Remember to water a little more if your plants are sheltered under large trees, unable to get enough rain water. Larger plants will also compete for water, making it harder for less established plants to thrive. 

We have a fantastic range of shade friendly plants available. Hellebores are perfect for adding colour and they flower during the winter when a shady garden would be at its darkest. Try Hellebore Double Ellen in pink, purple or white. Once planted and established, Hellebores will provide enjoyment for years to come.

If you’re in need of some bright foliage, take a look at our Shady Border Collection. A brilliant selection of gorgeous colours, fascinating foliage and long lasting displays.

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