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Growing for You

Service Update - 20th April
Message from our CEO

I wanted to write and update you on how we’re responding to the daily challenges presented to the team as a result of COVID-19 and how this impacts you. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has taken us all by surprise and we are working round the clock to constantly adapt our operations and ensure we protect our teams, whilst working within required guidelines, to deliver our quality product to you.

Whilst our entire supply chain has been disrupted in some way, we are feeling the pressure most in our contact centre where we haven’t been able to safely grow the team as in previous seasons. As a result, we have a significant backlog of emails, letters and social media enquires that need responding to. In order to help the team, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend our phone lines to allow us valuable time to respond to your queries – this is an unprecedented move for the company and not a decision we have taken lightly. As soon as we are able to, we will re-open our phone lines and update you. If you need to urgently contact us please use the contact form on the website, choose the appropriate contact reason and we will respond as quickly as we can under these challenging circumstances.

I am pleased to say our nurseries are fully operational and bursting with plants (some photos from Saturday below), whilst some supplies have taken longer to arrive than we would have liked we have been despatching large volumes on a daily basis. Over the next three weeks we will be sending out approximately 200,000 items so, if yours haven’t arrived yet, they will as soon as the time is right.

We are aware a number of our newer customers have been frustrated by the time it is taking between purchasing plants and receiving them. As our many loyal and longstanding customers are aware, plants are only despatched when they are ready to pot on or plant out. Depending on the product and the time of year, this may be as soon as you order or may be some time after your order is placed. Due to COVID-19 our fulfilment is taking a little longer than usual during this period of high demand and I thank you for your continued patience and support.

Feedback received last week made us realise we weren’t communicating clearly enough on our website and product pages how our business operates. For that we apologise. We have completed a review of all our sites and put in place messaging and graphics that hopefully makes the Jersey Plants Direct way clearer. To find out more about the Jersey Plants Direct process of planting to posting please do have a look on our website here and check out your despatch window for a reminder of when the plants you’ve ordered will be ready for posting.

Whilst we do have many plants in stock available to despatch, our nurseries are also full of others still in the growing phase that aren’t ready for the new home you want to give them. As a gardener you’ll know that growing takes time and we will only send you the very best quality products when their time is right for planting on. Do keep an eye out on our social media channels where we will be posting regular updates from the nursery.

We hope this update goes some way to giving you peace of mind. From everyone here, we’d like to say thank you for bearing with us and stay safe.

Tom Newbald, CEO


Pictures from the Nursery

Growing for You Growing for You

Growing for You Growing for You

Growing for You Growing for You
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