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About our Plants

Our Bedding Plants and Perennials

We sell our Bedding Plants in a number of sizes, ranging from Plug Plants to our largest size, Mega Plants. The table below shows each of our sizes available. All of them are easy and fun to grow, you just need to protect the smaller plugs from the frost.

  Plug Plants Ready Plants Jumbo Plants Premium Bedding Plants Mega Plants
Size Illustration Plug Plants Ready Plants Super Ready Plants Jumbo Ready Plants Mega Plants
Size from the base of the plant to the top of the stem 4-8cm 6-10cm 8-14cm 8-14cm 11-16cm
Width 1.3cm 2cm 4.2cm 3.5 - 4.2cm 5.6cm
Quantity Trays of 170 Trays of 70 Trays of 24 Plants Trays of 6, 12 or 24 Trays of 12 Plants
Growing On Grow on before planting Can be grown on or planted out Plant straight out Not necessary Not necessary
Pack Prices from £18.99 from £16.99 from £14.99 from £12.99 from £12.99
Cost per plant from just 12p each from less than 25p each from less than 63p each from just £2.16 each from less than £1.09 each
Spring Despatch Period Late February to end of April Late March to end of May Late March to end of May Late March to end of May Late March to the end of May
Autumn Despatch Period August to September Mid-August to October Mid-August to October Mid-August to October Mid-August to October
Generally Raised Seed Raised Seed Raised Seed Raised Cutting Raised Seed Raised


Our Potted Plants

We have a range of sized pots that we sell our plants in, ranging from 7cm to 13 cm. This dimension relates to the diameter of the pot.  All of these plants are sent to you ready for immediate planting.  Rest assured we won't send the plants to you if it's not an appropriate time of year for planting them.

We also have a range of 2 and 3-litre plants.  We call these our  'Mature Plants', and they are sold in a larger 2 litre or 3-litre pot and are perfect for adding instant impact to your garden. These plants are ready for immediate planting.


Our Bare Root Plants

Our bare root plants are ideal for planting out in late winter/early spring.  They are ready for immediate planting. We take special care to ensure that all our plants are healthy and disease free and have well-established root systems. They will produce a colourful display from year one. 


Our Bulbs, Tubers and Corms

Our bulbs, tubers and corms, have been specially selected to provide beautiful displays for your garden. They are ready for immediate planting. Store in a cool frost-free location if they cannot be planted immediately. 

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