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Information for new visitors to our website

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Jersey Plants Direct is an internet and mail-order plant company. We sell a year-round range of bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, vegetable plants and pre-planted items most of which are grown in our own nurseries on Jersey either from seed or cuttings. Everything is carefully selected and packed in Jersey and then despatched to your address, with the intention that it arrives in 3 – 4 days in perfect condition.

We are constantly working hard and coming up with innovations for our customers. Whether it is how our plants are seeded for better germination, new sizes of the plant, using better, more secure packaging or introducing new additions to our range, we are focused on delivering quality and value. For those of you that haven’t ordered from us before we’d like to explain how our website works! As you may already know many plants are seasonal and we divide them into more or less two categories – Spring and Autumn.

From about November, we start putting our Spring products on the website and these are available to buy, however, they won’t be delivered to you until during the ‘despatch period’, starting towards the end of February but please see the individual product details. Towards the end of the despatch period, the products will be taken off, as we’ll have sold out and by June/July we’ll have completely finished our Spring range.

Basically it is like pre-ordering for the Spring, so come March/April you won’t have to worry about choosing plants, they’ll be on their way to you, ready for growing on or planting out.

The same thing happens for the Autumn range, which we’ll start putting on to the website in July and start despatching in September. So you pre-order your Autumn plants and they are delivered in due course. Again by the end of the despatch period most of the product will have sold out and be marked ‘out of stock’

The other thing that new customers can find confusing is the plant sizes, what exactly is a plug plant!

So in a nutshell:

Plug plants are sold in trays of 170 and Ready plants are sold in trays of 70 plants both of these sizes need to be grown on before they are ready for planting out into the garden.

Jumbo, Mega and Premium Bedding plants are bigger plants and can be planted straight out into the garden and are sold in trays of 6, 12 or 24 plants.

Pre-planted products are just what they say they are, pre-planted and ready for use immediately.

For more information on Plant Sizes please look at

An important detail to remember is that the size that plants are sold as, is very different from the size of the mature plant and you will find this information in the individual product details.

Aside from our huge range of bedding plants, we also supply a range of seeds, bulbs, shrubs, roses, perennials and gardening accessories.

You’ll also see that we’ve created the ‘Choice Gardening Club’ website which is a reference site that is full of information about plants, gardens and gardening which we hope you’ll find both useful and informative.

Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions or queries regarding our products.

Thank you for visiting Jersey Plants Direct and Happy Gardening!

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Registered Office: 1st Floor Nelson House, David Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4TD

TEL: 01534 871113


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