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Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of COVID-19, we are experiencing high demand for our products and are working hard to manage the health and wellbeing of our excellent team. We do hope you’ll understand that order processing is taking a little longer than usual during this period of high demand. We are also experiencing higher volumes of calls and emails and are responding as quickly as we can.

As we grow and direct despatch your plants and vegetables, we want to make you aware that some lines will despatch quicker than others. In our industry this is entirely normal as a lot of plants are ordered in advance and despatched when ready. This ensures you receive your quality plants in the best possible condition for growing on or planting out. Whilst we do have many plants in stock available to dispatch, others are still in the growing phase and are not yet ready for the new home you want to give them. As a gardener you’ll know that ‘great takes time’ and we will only send you the very best quality products when their time is right for planting on. This might not be how you are used to purchasing online. To find out more about the Gardening Direct process of planting to posting please do read our FAQs below and check the despatch window on each specific plant page for a reminder of when the plants will be ready.

We wish you all the best of health at this difficult time. Thank you for your patience whilst we grow, pack and post your order.

Are you still accepting orders and despatching products?
Yes! We are still processing orders and despatching products. Our nursery and office staff are working around the clock to ensure your plants get to you as usual and like everyone we are facing new challenges on a daily basis. Our priority is closely monitoring stock and logistics to ensure we’re able to deliver your products. If we foresee any issues, we will let you know.

What is the best way to order?
As we are experiencing high call volumes the quickest way for you to place an order is through the website.

When will my order be despatched?
All our plants have a despatch window which you can see in our catalogue or on our website product pages. A lot of plants have been pre-ordered and these orders take priority over new orders, this simply means new orders of some plants might be despatched towards the end of the individual plant's despatch window. We are well set up to despatch 1,000’s of plants every day but we won’t dispatch a plant until it’s ready for you – we can’t hurry mother nature! As we get through April a lot of our plants and vegetable plugs will be available for immediate despatch, this will be clearly visible on the website.

Can I change or cancel my order?
To change or cancel your order please contact our customer care team either by email or phone. If you choose to contact us please be patient, we are experiencing extremely high volumes of contact at this time. Rest assured we will respond as quickly as we can.

I placed an order but the item is now out of stock on the website – do you have my product?
We are closely managing our stock, if you have ordered we will have allocated a product for you and it will despatch when it’s ready. If we have oversold a line our customer care team will get in touch with you.

Why haven’t you answered my emails/phone call?
Due to COVID-19 we have been inundated with orders and enquiries, and despite working around the clock we don’t have enough staff in the call centre to be able to provide the quick response we would like. We currently have to keep our staff spaced out for safety reasons so we are limited with how many staff we can have in the office. We would like to assure you that we will respond to your query as soon as we can, and we really appreciate your patience.

Can I still contact you?
Due a backlog of emails, letters and social media queries we have temporarily suspended our phone lines so please do not try and contact us by phone. We will be answering emails so the best way to contact us is via our contact us form. Please be sure to select the correct contact reason and our team will prioritise accordingly; given the circumstances we will do our best to reply to you as soon as we can.

Will you notify me when my plants are despatched?
We are currently working on implementing an email notification for each item on despatch. We hope this will be up and running soon, and we appreciate your patience.

Regular FAQs

Where are my plants?
All plants have a stated despatch period which can be found on the website and in the catalogue. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Plants are living things and as such, the growth rates can be unpredictable, and due to such strict specifications having to be adhered to before we can send out, this is why we cannot give specific delivery dates.

What is the difference between Plug Plants and Ready Plants?
Plugs arrive 4-8cm from root to tip and need to be re-potted and grown on in a greenhouse or a warm, draught free environment for 4-5 weeks. We suggest they are kept in the tray for 24-48 hours after delivery, with plenty of water and light to allow the plugs to settle and recover from delivery.

What’s an evergreen plant?
An evergreen plant is a plant which retains a mantle of leaves throughout the year.

What is a Perennial plant?
A Perennial plant is a plant that lives for 2 or more years.

What is an annual plant?
An annual plant is grown outdoors in the spring and summer and survive just one season. Winter annuals germinate in autumn or winter, live through winter and bloom in winter and spring.

Can I specify a date for delivery?
Only on gift products such as Carnations. We can delay despatch after a specific date as long as it’s still in the despatch period. This means that the order will be despatched with the next available shipment from the nursery after the specified date.

How many plants can I fit into a hanging basket, tub or container?
A general guide is 3-4 planted of 10-12” (25-30 cm) to stop strangulation, and around 4-6” apart.

When is the best time to water plants?
Early in the morning or late in the evening, as this avoids the sun and water scorching the leaves.

Why haven’t my plants flowered?
Always enquire if the foliage looks good, if the foliage is healthy the plant may just need a little more time, or may be lacking nutrients, in which case use a tomato fertiliser to boost them.

Why are my plants are smaller than advertised?
Our size guide refers to plants measured from the bottom of the tray to the top of the plant. This is a general guide, the nursery team also judge when the plants are ready to go from the development of the root formation.

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