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February Gardener's Calendar

Work this month sets the stage for a glorious spring garden.  It’s time to get planning and take advantage of brighter days to complete odd jobs in your garden. You can start sowing vegetable and flower seeds indoors ready to be planted out after all signs  of frost are gone.




Sowing & PlantingOrder your bulbs today and start planting for your summer flowering

February is the perfect time to finalise your garden plans, order summer flowering seeds and start sowing. Try swapping seeds from last year with a neighbour if you have some left over and fancy a change this year. Start your seeds indoors and move them outside after all signs of frost have gone and watched them flourish! 

Get into the spring spirit of things by planning your displays and ordering your spring flowering bulbs now. Bulbs are well suited to beds, planting trees and filling gaps in your borders amongst shrubs and perennials.  You can always try something different this year go for a more natural look. Simply gently scatter a mix of bulbs and plant them where they fall.


Fruit & Vegetables

Don’t forget to feed your fruit.  Fertilise the soil around the base of your fruit trees. Check any stored fruit for signs of disease and remove any infected fruit. Keep fruit in an airy, cool location for best results. 

It’s time to start sowing your vegetable seeds indoors.

February is perfect for sowing broad beans, cabbage, cucumber, leeks, peas, parsnips, chilli peppers and sweet peppers.






Finish any odd jobs left around the garden, such as repairing fences, cleaning greenhouses and continue to get garden tools ready for the arrival of spring. Beds should be raked clean before you start to plant your bulbs, any waste material can be added to your compost. Don’t forget to clean and sterilise your trays and pots before you start sowing and planting to prevent the spread of disease. Weeds might become visible during the clear up, bindweed might be an issue because it roots deep when established. Dig out the plants that might be affected and don’t worry, plants have plenty of time to re-establish before spring, and it will keep them healthy in the longer term.

Keep your beds covered until spring, black plastic sheeting, fleece or cloches will warm up your soil before planting.  Replace mulch around your garden but be careful not to put mulch on ground infested with weeds as it allows weeds a warmer environment to populate.





Try creating your own compost. Don’t worry too much about the technical side of this as compost doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated. Start by throwing in some twigs to let air under your compost, follow by any kind of vegetable matter but avoid root vegetables as they will start to grow rather than rot! Throw in any garden left overs, spent herbaceous flower heads, bedding stalks, used tea-bags etc. If you are experiencing dry weather, give your compost a dousing with the garden hose to keep it damp. Your compost may not be fully rotted down, but even a course multi-layered, the mixture is perfect for any purpose.

As spring approaches you’ll see birds and other wildlife waking up earlier and enjoying your garden as temperature and light levels rise. Remember to keep supplying them with food to get them through the last of the winter months.

Garden’s are vital for the UK’s wildlife survival. Learn to identify which plants are wildlife friendly. We recommend something nectar-rich and colourful for your beds and borders. If you have bare walls or fences dress them up by growing climbing plants. They will make the perfect addition to your garden as nesting sites for birds and a refuge for insects. Create a pond in your garden, no matter what the size you are guaranteed to attract lots of water-loving wildlife. You may even attract some Toads and Frogs, a great way to keep increasing slug populations down

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