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Care Instructions for


Growing your own herbs is an excellent way to save money.  Growing your own herbs means that you know that no chemicals have been involved.

It's surprisingly easy to grow and care for our "no-nonsense" Herbs.

When Your Herbs Arrive

After spraying the plants ensure they are then placed in an area where there is adequate air flow. This helps dry the excess water from the leaves and prevents potential problems caused by damp. There may be some loose compost or a slight yellowing of the leaves which is a consequence of the plants being shipped. This will not affect the condition of the mature plants

Upon arrival, keep the trays indoors in a well lit, draught free area for 24 hours.
If the compost is a little dry, stand the tray in shallow water.
Once the compost is moist allow the tray to drain.
If unable to water from beneath, spray water lightly over the tray.
If required, repeat the process several times to ensure that the compost receives sufficient moisture.

Growing on and Planting Out

When removing plants from trays, push up from the bottom using a pencil or similar implement. This will avoid damaging the plants.

                                           IMPORTANT: Do not plant your Herbs outside if there is a danger of frost.

All Herbs Cucumbers & Courgettes


Spacing: In the garden, 20 to 30cm (8 to 12in) apart. In a container, 3 to 5 plants per 30cm (12in) container. In a grow bag, 2 to 3 plants per grow bag.
Position: Full sun or partial shade in a rich well humus soil. Use a peat based compost for containers. Suitable for glasshouses and conservatories.
Feeding & Watering: Feed regularly with a tomato feed, water regularly and do not allow to dry out. Add bone meal or similar if planting in the border.
Harvesting: Spring to autumn. Pick leaves when the plant is fully rooted. Do not over pick to ensure they keep growing on and yielding.
Storage: 2-3 days in the fridge. Dry them by putting into paper bags with holes and placing in the airing cupboard. Hang for a few weeks and then crush down (removing stalks) and put in air tight jars. You can then freeze them if required.

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