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August Gardener's Calendar 

Now is the time when everyone can enjoy being out in the garden in the wonderfully warm weather. The garden is full of activity, with visiting summer birds, and wildlife such as dragonflies and in the evening, you may hear hedgehogs snuffling around. There’s lots to do including, very importantly, watering and deadheading. You may want to check in on your friends or neighbours gardens if they are away.




Sowing and Planting

Sow hardy annuals directly into your borders towards the end of August.  They need a winter in the ground to ensure that they will flower next summer.   You can also collect and store the seeds of hardy annuals and perennials for sowing later in the autumn – in particular try Geranium, Aquilegia, Papaver and Candendula.

Now is a good time to order spring-flowering bulbs. Tidying your garden – cut back, prune and divide hanging baskets, to produce a wonderful array of colour.  Continue the deadheading, watering and feeding, this will prolong their flowering season.   

Also, you should deadhead your Roses, Dahlias, Penstemon and bedding to prolong the display into autumn.    For those non-repeat flowering climbing and rambling Roses you should prune them to encourage a new flush of growth. Lightly prune Hebes and Lavenders after flowering.


Hedges can be given a final trim, they will only grow a little bit more before the winter sets in.

You will need to thoroughly soak drought-stressed plants and shrubs, especially newly planted ones.  Also, make sure you keep early flowering shrubs such as Camellias and Rhododendron well watered to ensure good flower bud initiation.

August is the time to prune your Wisteria as this will help to encourage flowering for next year.  Cut back the new, whip-like growth so that each is left with five to seven sets of leaves,this will let them mature in time for the Autumn.


August Garden Maintenance

Use liquid tomato food for tired border perennials as this will help prolong the flowering into autumn.

Improve the appearance of alpines and encourage new growth by in-filling bare patches with gritty compost.

Perennial weeds are best dealt with when in active growth.  Apply a weed killer containing glyphosate.

Cut some of the beautiful flowers from your garden and fill your house with scent and colour.  Not only does this provide decoration but will help to keep the buds coming and ensure you have more blooms.



Mid to late August is a good time of the year to apply biological controls for vine weevil.  Now is the time they start to hatch and soil temperatures are just right for nematodes to be particularly effective.

Treat black spot on Roses by clearing affected leaves and burning them to stop the spread.

To protect Dahlias and Chrysanthemums from earwigs, set an earwig trap using the traditional method - put plant pots loosely filled with shredded newspaper upside down on canes then check the traps daily and release the earwigs elsewhere.



Sow salad crops such as Lettuce, Sorrel, Radish, Rocket, Chicory, and Fennel as these mature quickly. Cut back herbs that are starting to flower.  If they go to seed they will not produce any more leafy growth.

Harvest Potatoes, Sweet corn, Garlic, Onions, Shallots, French beans, Runner Beans, Courgettes, Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

Protect Rocket from the flea beetle using a very fine mesh or else the beetle will riddle the leaves with holes.  Look out for greenfly and blackfly on Beans Peas and Peppers.  Squash them or blast them off with a jet of water. Also, protect soft fruit such as Strawberries with netting.

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