Clematis Flora® Arctic Queen™ Evison™ & Poulsen® 1 Trellis Plant 2 Litre


Brighten up your garden, patio or home with this delightful Clematis

This Clematis possesses beautiful double flowers in creamy white and yellow. Sporting a profuse flowering habit, it comes trained on a trellis for you to enjoy indoors or out and is easy to care for.

Colour Creamy white sepals with yellow anthers
Height Approximately 300cm
Spread Approximately 50cm
Flowering Early to late summer & early autumn
Planting Position Full sun to partial shade
Sold As 2 Litre Pot
Despatch Period April

Probably the most free flowering double Clematis available

2 Litre Pot Plants are grown in individual pots at our nurseries in Jersey. Each can vary in measurement of height from the root of the plant to the top of the stem. 

All of these plants are ready for immediate planting - giving instant impact this year and for years to come!

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