Antirrhinum (Trailing) 12 Jumbo Ready Plants

Antirrhinum (Trailing) 12 Jumbo Ready Plants

All summer long colour from these Antirrhinum

Antirrhinums, sometimes called Snapdragons, are a very popular Bedding Plant. This collection of trailing Antirrhinums come in a lovely mix of reds and pinks. They are superb for baskets and containers. They will bring colour to your garden containers all summer long.

Colour Red, Pink and Apricot
Trail 20-30cm
Spread 10-20cm
Flowering May to First Frost
Planting Position Full sun to partial shade
Sold As Jumbo Ready
Despatch Period Within 10 days of receipt of order

Jumbo Ready Plants

Jumbo Ready Plants  are  grown in  individual cells  and  measure approximately 8-12cm in height from the root of the plant to the top of the stem.  These plants can be grown on in a greenhouse or conservatory or planted straight out in the garden..  

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These bedding plants have to be grown on before being planted into your tubs or garden. Do not plant them out in the garden until the risk of frost has passed.

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